Ella Wong
Professional Foundation Course 
Professional Intermediate Course


"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of going through the professional foundation course and I’m happy and proud to say that I am now a qualified groomer with a C and B class certification. I strongly believe that a major part of my success was due to my patient and kind grooming instructors that never failed to patiently answer my queries and doubts I often stumbled upon during my learning process.


My instructors imparted many skills to me and my fellow peers during my course and they would always go the extra mile to ensure we understand the things we learnt. They always patiently explained to us our mistakes and would guide us on rectifying and learning the right ethics of being a professional groomer. I feel that my instructors have equipped me and my peers well to be able to handle and understand different dogs’s temperaments and characters. All in all, I feel extremely grateful and pleased with the learning experience I had with my instructors."




Geraldine Chin
Professional Foundation Course Graduate


"My instructors were always patient in teaching me. My queries were always answered and they would clear any doubts that a student would have. Overall, it was a great learning experience and journey. Felt like family."

Eileen Ong
Professional Foundation Course 
Professional Intermediate Course
Professional Advanced Course



"I was provided a very encouraging environment to learn in. The instructors were patient and understanding and they used different techniques and methods to cater to the different learning curves of individual students. They were attentive to each individual student and were able to use the best teaching technique to help each of us in a different way


I feel that this really helped me with learning and picking up the skill and the intructors would never put us down even when we made mistakes. They gave us a lot of encouragement which I feel is very important. "


Tang Wei Hao
Professional Foundation Course 

"I was taught by very patient, helpful and hardworking teachers. They always adopted interesting teaching methods to help me improve on my grooming skills. 


The most memorable moment was during the period before my exam. One of my teachers bought me a banana because she knew I was very stressed and she said that the banana would help with the stress. I'm glad to have teachers who are so 'steady' and 'kanchiong' for me. They were standing beside the grooming examination ring to give us moral support and I feel very happy that I achieved good results during my grooming examination."













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 ​"Our aim is to nurture the most passionate pet groomers" 

Rachel June Sim, Director,

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