Professional Advanced Course 

This course is for you if:

You have completed the Intermediate Course/SKC Class B Examination


By the end of this course you will achieve:

  • Pet colouring skills

  • New show grooming techniques 

  • You will be ready to sit for the SKC Class A Grooming Examination*


This course will prepare you for careers such as:

  • Pet Grooming Assistant

  • Pet Salon Manager

  • Pet Salon Owner

  • Pet Day Care 

  • Pet Boarding Kennel


Number of Lessons:

  • Practical Lessons: 10 lessons 

  • Practical Examination Preparatory Lessons: 10 lessons 

  • Theory Lessons: 5 lessons 



20 weeks (1 day/wk)



  • Registration Fee: SGD$80.00 (waived for Intermediate Course Graduates)

  • Tuition Fee: SGD$3000.00



  • Dog Training 

  • Dog Walker 

  • Dog Breeder 

  • Handler 

  • Handler Assistant 


10 Lessons

6 hours/lesson


5 lessons

3 hours/lesson

Show Poodle Grooming

  • Understanding the Show Puppy Clip/Continental Clip

  • Line Setting and Balance

  • Top Knot Setting Techniques

SKC Class A Examination Show Puppy Clip/Continental Clip 

  • Model Preparation

  • Posture

  • Balance

  • Shape Setting

  • Top Knot Setting



  • Advanced Breed History

  • Clay Modelling, Drawing of Show Clips

  • Study of the FCI breed standards

  • Structure and how to cover faults

  • Balance of Poodle Show Clips

Pet Styles

10 lessons

6 hours/lesson





  • Creative Pet Grooming

  • Pet Coloring





Course Outline


Nail Care

  • Nail Clipper

  • Nail File

  • Quik Stop


Ear Care

  • Forceps/Hemostat

  • Ear Cleaner

  • Ear Powder

  • Cotton



  • Doggyman Slicker Brush

  • Madan Pin Brush



  • Straight Comb Short Teeth

  • Straight Comb Long Teeth




  • 2-Speed Anidis Clipper

  • Small Panasonic Clipper



  • Andis Blades: #40, #30, #10, #7F, #5F 

  • Wahl Attachement Combs Set


Furcraft Pro Shears

  • Straight Shears

  • Curve Shears

  • Thinning Shears


Equipment Care

  • Clipper Oil

  • Blade Coolant


Text Books and Stationary

  • Complete Poodle Book 

  • Drawing Tools



Show Grooming Tools

  • Band Cutter

  • Rat-Tail Comb

  • Wrapping Bands

  • Wrapping Paper

  • Wrapping Plastic

  • Show Bands

  • Aerosol Hair Spray

  • Liquid Hair Spray



  • Scissors Pouch

  • Tool Box/Bag




  • Tools and Equipment in this list are not included in Tuition Fee.


  • All professional tools and equipment in this list are available for purchase via the school office.


  • Students are not obliged to purchase tools and equipment from the school and they may purchase tools and equipment from other vendors. 


  • To avoid purchasing unsuitable tools and equipment, students are strongly advised to consult their instructors regarding suitability of each item before the purchase from other vendors. 

Tool Kit



  • The SKC Grooming Examination is 

  • Students are responsible for registration and fees of the Examination. The school will provide details on registration procedures. 

  • Competition Model rentals are not included in course fees and are subject to availability. Terms and Conditions for the welfare of the model apply.




Vision Statement

 ​"Our aim is to nurture the most passionate pet groomers" 

Rachel June Sim, Director,

Dollhouse Pets Grooming Academy

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